Ballpoint Pen
  Uni-ball Jetstream Ball-Point Pen


Uni-ball is one of the best and most popular brands for pens. They are available worldwide so that you can find them in many places. But if you want to buy them at a good price, then check out Kawai Pen Shop! The Jetstream Pen by Uni-ball is consistently one of the most popular Uni-ball series, with a big user base. This is due to Jetstream's unique combination of smoothness, waterproofness, and quick-drying ink with bright colors.

On paper, it has extremely minimal friction. The writing atmosphere is fantastic. Its ink is also waterproof and fade-resistant, ideal for long-term notes and signatures. It's great for daily writing, tests, and keeping a journal.

The Jetstream pen's body has a streamlined shape and a comfortable rubber grip. The soft rubber grip gives you superb control and effectively decreases the strain on your hand. The Jetstream ink is not only smooth, but it also aids in the creation of vibrant and clear lines on paper.

Uni Jetstream Retractable Ballpoint Pen writes incredibly smoothly and produces clear, vibrant lines. The pen's quick-drying ink prevents smearing, making it ideal for lefties. Uni'Super Ink, used in Jetstream pens, has been developed to become trapped in paper, preventing water damage and document tampering. A form-fitting rubber grip adds to the pen's comfort when writing. This is the 0.38mm medium point version in blue ink. 

The Jetstream combines the waterproofness, smoothness, and quick drying times of a ballpoint pen with the brilliant color and crisp, uniform lines of a gel pen, thanks to a special low-viscosity ballpoint ink. Waterproof, fade-resistant, and forgery-resistant ink makes it a safe choice for essential notes and signatures. 

This pen has a sleek appearance and a comfortable rubber grip part in addition to its high-quality ink. Because the Jetstream ink is a ballpoint, it dries considerably faster than gel pens, taking only a few seconds, which both students and office workers greatly appreciate. These pens come in four color options: light pink, lavender, sky blue, and apricot.


Extra smooth

Refillable ink

Extra Fine Ballpoint tip

Now, if you've been shopping around looking for a good ballpoint pen, I'm sure you have stumbled across these before and have wondered how it feels to write with them! I was never much of a ballpoint pen person until I picked up this one in particular because it was comfortable to write with!

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