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  Ballpoint Pen Range At Kawaii Pen Shop

If you want to use a pen that enables you to write smoothly and the ink dries quickly, you may use a good quality ballpoint pen even more than the gel pens. Ballpoint pens come in various styles, colors, and point sizes and can be used for various kinds of daily writing.

Let’s look at the various types of ballpoint pens available at Kawaii

Uni Jetstream Standard ballpoint pen 0.38mm and 0.5mm

The Uni Jetstream ballpoint comes with the Uni "Super Ink," which is perfect for smooth and crisp writing. The ink is trapped in paper and does not get affected by water or any other factor. In addition, the rubber grip allows for a comfortable hold on the pen, even for longer durations. Kawaii offers two kinds of Uni Jetstream ballpoint pens with a tip size of 0.5mm and 0.38mm.

Pilot Acroball 3+1 ballpoint pen and pencil

The 3+1 Pilot Acroball pen has blue, black, and red ink and a mechanical pencil with a 0.5mm tip. The smooth rotation of the tip ball is complimented by the low-viscosity ink and enables you to write without skipping, and is great for a smooth and neat result. In addition, this pen is available in six beautiful colors: lavender, mint green, honey, pink, light blue, and soft pink.

Pilot Ridge 2+1 Ballpoint and mechanical pencil

The name for this set is inspired by its design. The clip of the pen is shaped like a diagonal ridge giving it a unique look. This pen has a 0.5mm tip and two inks in black and red, and one mechanical pencil, respectively. Characterized by Pilot's Acro low-viscosity ink, this pen imitates the writing finish of a gel-based pen and allows for smooth writing. In addition, the pen can be twisted to choose the ink color or the pencil.

Pilot Acro 300 ballpoint pen

The Pilot Acro 300 ballpoint pen is characterized by the low-viscosity and highly pigmented black Acro ink, which flows smoothly through the rotator ball of the 0.5mm tip. They are beautifully made in different colors and enable a smooth, effortless and, gratifying writing experience.

Vitamin pill ballpoint pen

If you are looking for a cute and compact pen, the Vitamin pill ballpoint is the one to have. It is a blue-ink-colored retractable pen that can be extended for use. It comes in six different attractive colors. It has a size of 5.5cm*2cm*2cm, and you can easily carry it in the smallest pouches.

Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pen

These pens have a 0.5 mm tip size and are available in blue or black ink colors. They have waterproof, oil-based ink so that you can write smoothly. In addition, the pens have a print image of Sumikko Gurrashi on the exterior, and the grip of the pens is covered in fine rubber, allowing for a comfortable grip for a longer time.

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