Ballpoint Pen

A Review of the Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen


The Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen is a retractable ballpoint with smooth and amazing writing. If you’re looking for clear, crisp lines and vivid lines, then this is a suitable pen. The pen is also sleek, elegant, and attractive. It looks great on you and comes available in different colors to match your taste and preference.


Main features of the Uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen


The pen comes with quick-drying ink. It writes single, clear, and neat lines. The paint in the pen dries right away once you draw a line or write. This is a great feature that prevents smears. It is a suitable choice for left-handed writers. You can write smoothly and avoid errors.


The pen features what is called the ‘Super Ink’ which is a unique formulation that gets trapped in the paper. The ink does not spread on the paper creating neat and clean work. It is a premium quality pen that prevents document alteration or damage. This is a preferred pen of choice for professionals handling official documents.


In addition, this pen features a form-fitting rubber grip with strips. It creates a firm grip with the finger and ensures comfortable writing. You can write comfortably without the pen slipping around. This further enhances smooth and neat writing.


It is a decent quality pen with a small 0.38mm tip size. The small tip size further ensures lines are smooth, neat, and vivid. There is a further clip on the rear side to hold the pen tightly against your check pocket.


Overall, this is a quality pen that retracts when not in use by pressing the ballpoint pen at the top end. It also extends to bring out the tip for writing.

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